Next Generation PTZ

Next Generation PTZ combines dual PTZ and multiple panoramic and PTZ cameras into two distinct solutions (Hunter and Hubble), all integrated into the same high-quality, easily installed and calibrated housing. By needing fewer units to cover a site, this range of Next Generation AI-powered PTZs can also save on having to install additional cameras and associated cabling costs.

By combining both the overview and detail camera within one camera body, users are able to closely track a target using a powerful optical zoom, while simultaneously monitoring the bigger overview picture, delivering the ultimate in situational awareness.

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“Hunter” Series

Dahua’s Hunter series let’s you monitor a typical PTZ camera scene, while simultaneously closely tracking a person or vehicle of interest. Once the target triggers in the overview camera, the detail camera will track it automatically.

Both the overview camera and the detail camera can be independently adjusted horizontally and vertically.

Typical Application Scenarios:

Private Residences
Exclusion Zones
Airport Fences

“Hubble” Series

Using its series of integrated fixed cameras, Dahua’s Hubble series delivers a panoramic 270°/360° view, while its integrated dome camera can zoom in and track particular scenes or targets. Features include crowd map, vehicle density detection and augmented reality mapping.

Typical Application Scenarios:

Large Urban Areas
Vantage Points

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